Free spin bonus hit frequency explained

When it comes to the world of slots, all experienced players know that it is all about the hit frequency. But determining such can be a little tricky if you don’t understand the online casino landscape. The following is in-depth lesson in hit frequency and how you can understand it in order to get the best out of your free spin bonus.

Everyone loves a giveaway, which probably explains why free spins bonuses are so popular. Finding a free spins bonus at a good casino is a piece of cake if you use or one of the other popular bonus sites. However, for all their popularity many still seem confused about how they can relate to in game performance. Before we get started you need to forget about the commonly publicised trait of “figuring out winning patterns”, no matter what anyone says modern-day RNG technology has made this a far from easy task. Each spin will always be completely random, but there is still a way in which you can improve your chances of turning free spins into more for free spins. First, you need to put your statistician hat on and be prepared to get testing, and when I say testing I really mean testing. You can only ever get to the true inner workings of the game by playing it. Analyse everything that is in front of your eyes, including symbol amounts, pay-table shifts, and even reel speed and animation. Based on these stats you can really formulate a base level strategy about how to determine both payout and free spin hit frequency.

Before moving onto the next step of this guide I want you to forget about trying to get your chosen slot game into to paying out by mixing up the wager amounts, because it just won’t work. You can’t fool the game and you are just going to increase the risk of wasting your free spins. Here’s exactly how you are going to maximise your free spin hit frequency or at least work towards that end. To start with you need to know how many of your free spins you are willing to lose before you start hitting more free spins. This is because you need to have plenty of spins in the bank in order create your research. Not enough free spins to gain traction within a game? Then be prepared to utilise some of your money bankroll – alternatively, have a look through the gratis casino section of where you can usually find good free bonuses to pick up.. Taking the information you gain from your research, work to establish the ‘free spin bonus number’ average and commit to that average. The last thing you need to consider (and arguably the most important) is the just how often the game pays out. Every slot game is played with profit in mind and if you aren’t playing to win you shouldn’t be playing. Much like you have to commit the ‘free spin bonus number’ average to memory for game continuation, you need to know on what number the game will pay out on. After combining all this information you can do the maths and create approximations related to when you can land what bonus/payout and when.

Let’s be honest, the whole concept of free spin bonus hit frequency isn’t rocket science. But it is in someway a science and one that requires a little education to understand. The key to working out such information will always be found in the numbers. As a player, you need to work to get to these numbers and make such process second nature. Trust me when I say this, if you can determine the hit frequency of an online slots game, your performance at online casinos can only improve.