The historical origins of casino gaming

Online casino gaming is fast, furious, and more fun that ever in 2015. The industry can now seemingly offer players the full perfect cross-media entertainment platform. However, should you really want to appreciate the online casino industry for all its worth you must take a journey back in time. This is because the online casinos and online casino portals of the world make the industry so entertaining, but neither would be what they are today if it wasn’t for what has come before.

Since the Dawn of Time

If you think that gambling amongst human beings is a modern day concept you might need to think again. The earliest recorded forms of online casino gaming date all the way back to the days of Ancient Greece, where mythological stories of Zeus, Hades, and Poseidon rolling dice to decide the fate of the universe became truly legendary. It is also thought that even cavemen would roll the dice the aim of competition.

Timeless Pedigree

China has also had its hand in the progression of gambling through time and it can be argued that such hand has been heavy at that. Since 2300BC gambling has been known to be commonplace, as tiles were used to play games like Mah Jong in brick and mortar establishments. The Roman Empire also has a tale or two to tell, as many believe that Caligula is the world’s first true casino “high roller”. Even England’s King Henry VIII would speak of his love of the gamble during his time ruling the nation. However, when it comes to true official firsts many believe that Venice rules the roost. As back in 1638 the city would become host to Europe’s first regulated gambling house.

Viva Las Vegas

After years of flying under the radar, the world’s very first regulated gambling house would lead the growth of the industry throughout Europe. Throughout the 17th, 18th, and 19th centuries casino business would boom with new games being invented and innovated. Whether it is the evolution of blackjack from Spanish routes, to the invention of the roulette wheel in Monte Carlo, Europe played a heavy part in changing the face of gambling during such time and in many ways modernising it for the future. In the early 1900s the United States would get its first taste of casino gaming and take it in a brand new direction. The games that had been popularised throughput Europe were given a brand new home along the Las Vegas strip. With bright lights beaming down players from throughout the world would flock to the casinos and help make Las Vegas the world’s first true gambling mecca.

One Eye on the Future

Pedigree and prestige have helped boost the casino world into the minds and hearts of many, but it is the tech revolution that has helped it stay there. The Internet has brought the world of casino gaming into the homes of millions around the world, and today you can find countless online casinos at your fingertips, by visiting gaming blogs like Poker rooms first launched online back in 1996 and the industry hasn’t looked back since. What does the future hold for the world of the online casino industry? Well if its history is anything to go by the sky (or ‘cloud’) is truly the limit.