Casino Payment Methods

Gambling online is by no means as complicated a practice as some individuals would have you believe. It seems that online casino portal myth and legend have overcomplicated proceedings, with some being scared away by the field’s financial procedures. The process of funding your online casino efforts is actually a fairly simple affair once you are aware of what it entails. The following is part two of our guide or how to find the right online casino payment method, as today we will delve deep into the types of online casino payment method available and how to use them.

Credit Card/Debit Card

Want to use a credit card or debit card to fund your online casino account? Then the process of doing so is practically child’s play. All you need to do is call you bank or credit card provider and make them aware that you will be using your card in conjunction with an online casino. This approval should only take a matter of moments, however it can be a little more complicated in some instances. In some countries online casino activity with a credit or debit card may be restricted by law. It should also be noted that while MasterCard and Visa are accepted pretty much everywhere, American Express still isn’t as universally approved. Pretty much all casinos today offers VISA and Mastercard as payment options. Should you, however, want to be sure before you start playing, you can always have a look at – They list all the available payment methods at various casinos on the internet.

Direct Transfers

Electronically handled transfers can be done online; all it takes is a few clicks of the mouse and you’re away. You can also undertake direct transfers manually should you wish. Simply call your bank, pass the security check, and authorise any transfer you wish to make. The issue that comes with direct transfers often relate to the time it takes to execute and complete a transfer. The wait can be up to a week, which may prove to be a little too long for some.


In order to increase anonymity between member and casino, many players have turned their attention toward eWallet payment methods. Ewallets make paying into an online easy, as all it requires is an email address. In order to set-up an eWallet account you first need to locate an eWallet provider. There are several out there, all offering different ways to operate alongside an online casino account. PayPal, Neteller, Skrill, and uKash are all popular choices. In order to get started, sign-up to an account and attach your credit card, debit card, and/or bank account. Then link your eWallet account to your online casino account and from there deposits can be made instantly.


Considered the worst functioning and least conventional way to pay into an online casino. While frowned upon by the industry, you can still pay-in to an online casino account via cheque should you wish. To do this you need to request a certified cheque payment service from your bank, which will then forward a cheque to an online casino provider on your behalf. This method will keep all your personal banking information private, but it is largely considered to be a cumbersome way of doing business.

Pre-pay card

Lastly, should you want to continue to use cash as a means to fund your online casino efforts you can do so through a pre-pay card. Pre-pay cards can be acquired from most major high-street banks and can be topped up in a whole host of different places. While the process is a little slower, it does allow players to maintain a tighter grip on their finances.


The historical origins of casino gaming

Online casino gaming is fast, furious, and more fun that ever in 2015. The industry can now seemingly offer players the full perfect cross-media entertainment platform. However, should you really want to appreciate the online casino industry for all its worth you must take a journey back in time. This is because the online casinos and online casino portals of the world make the industry so entertaining, but neither would be what they are today if it wasn’t for what has come before.

Since the Dawn of Time

If you think that gambling amongst human beings is a modern day concept you might need to think again. The earliest recorded forms of online casino gaming date all the way back to the days of Ancient Greece, where mythological stories of Zeus, Hades, and Poseidon rolling dice to decide the fate of the universe became truly legendary. It is also thought that even cavemen would roll the dice the aim of competition.

Timeless Pedigree

China has also had its hand in the progression of gambling through time and it can be argued that such hand has been heavy at that. Since 2300BC gambling has been known to be commonplace, as tiles were used to play games like Mah Jong in brick and mortar establishments. The Roman Empire also has a tale or two to tell, as many believe that Caligula is the world’s first true casino “high roller”. Even England’s King Henry VIII would speak of his love of the gamble during his time ruling the nation. However, when it comes to true official firsts many believe that Venice rules the roost. As back in 1638 the city would become host to Europe’s first regulated gambling house.

Viva Las Vegas

After years of flying under the radar, the world’s very first regulated gambling house would lead the growth of the industry throughout Europe. Throughout the 17th, 18th, and 19th centuries casino business would boom with new games being invented and innovated. Whether it is the evolution of blackjack from Spanish routes, to the invention of the roulette wheel in Monte Carlo, Europe played a heavy part in changing the face of gambling during such time and in many ways modernising it for the future. In the early 1900s the United States would get its first taste of casino gaming and take it in a brand new direction. The games that had been popularised throughput Europe were given a brand new home along the Las Vegas strip. With bright lights beaming down players from throughout the world would flock to the casinos and help make Las Vegas the world’s first true gambling mecca.

One Eye on the Future

Pedigree and prestige have helped boost the casino world into the minds and hearts of many, but it is the tech revolution that has helped it stay there. The Internet has brought the world of casino gaming into the homes of millions around the world, and today you can find countless online casinos at your fingertips, by visiting gaming blogs like Poker rooms first launched online back in 1996 and the industry hasn’t looked back since. What does the future hold for the world of the online casino industry? Well if its history is anything to go by the sky (or ‘cloud’) is truly the limit.

Free spin bonus hit frequency explained

When it comes to the world of slots, all experienced players know that it is all about the hit frequency. But determining such can be a little tricky if you don’t understand the online casino landscape. The following is in-depth lesson in hit frequency and how you can understand it in order to get the best out of your free spin bonus.

Everyone loves a giveaway, which probably explains why free spins bonuses are so popular. Finding a free spins bonus at a good casino is a piece of cake if you use or one of the other popular bonus sites. However, for all their popularity many still seem confused about how they can relate to in game performance. Before we get started you need to forget about the commonly publicised trait of “figuring out winning patterns”, no matter what anyone says modern-day RNG technology has made this a far from easy task. Each spin will always be completely random, but there is still a way in which you can improve your chances of turning free spins into more for free spins. First, you need to put your statistician hat on and be prepared to get testing, and when I say testing I really mean testing. You can only ever get to the true inner workings of the game by playing it. Analyse everything that is in front of your eyes, including symbol amounts, pay-table shifts, and even reel speed and animation. Based on these stats you can really formulate a base level strategy about how to determine both payout and free spin hit frequency.

Before moving onto the next step of this guide I want you to forget about trying to get your chosen slot game into to paying out by mixing up the wager amounts, because it just won’t work. You can’t fool the game and you are just going to increase the risk of wasting your free spins. Here’s exactly how you are going to maximise your free spin hit frequency or at least work towards that end. To start with you need to know how many of your free spins you are willing to lose before you start hitting more free spins. This is because you need to have plenty of spins in the bank in order create your research. Not enough free spins to gain traction within a game? Then be prepared to utilise some of your money bankroll – alternatively, have a look through the gratis casino section of where you can usually find good free bonuses to pick up.. Taking the information you gain from your research, work to establish the ‘free spin bonus number’ average and commit to that average. The last thing you need to consider (and arguably the most important) is the just how often the game pays out. Every slot game is played with profit in mind and if you aren’t playing to win you shouldn’t be playing. Much like you have to commit the ‘free spin bonus number’ average to memory for game continuation, you need to know on what number the game will pay out on. After combining all this information you can do the maths and create approximations related to when you can land what bonus/payout and when.

Let’s be honest, the whole concept of free spin bonus hit frequency isn’t rocket science. But it is in someway a science and one that requires a little education to understand. The key to working out such information will always be found in the numbers. As a player, you need to work to get to these numbers and make such process second nature. Trust me when I say this, if you can determine the hit frequency of an online slots game, your performance at online casinos can only improve.

Casino bonus vs. Sportsbook bonus

When it comes to betting there are two fields who tend to go head-to-head for punters attention, that being casino betting and sportsbook betting. Both are viable betting routes, but don’t be foolish enough to think that they are one in the same. While both offer a great bonus selection, there are key differences between the two. In this article we will be weighing up the pros and cons of both, in order to help you decide whether you should be looking to register for a casino bonus or a sportsbook bonus.

Sportsbook betting

In the digital age everyone knows about sports betting, largely as the amount of adverts on TV advertising such services are huge. While there is no denying that the industry has boomed thanks to the advent of the Internet, the roots of sports betting actually predate any and all official sport organisations. The very first sports bets are rumoured to have occurred way back in Ancient Greece, when those in the stands during Ancient Olympic events could bet on the outcome. In the world of online sportsbook the premise is still relatively the same. As a punter you hold no control over the outcome you bet on. You part with your money in what is often an act of blind faith and belief. You bet on a single team or individual to triumph over the competition, which is generally the extent of the sportbook operation. What it can do is make sports events feel more exciting and quite possibly make you a little bit richer depending on the outcome. The big issue with sports betting comes with regards to sportsbook bonuses. While there is no denying that you can get by with just low level knowledge, bookmakers won’t offer up big bonuses to draw you in. These days all online bookmakers offer sign up bonuses, but few will offer up anything larger than £50. Sportsbook betting and sportsbook bonuses are great for a bit of quick betting; especially if you are looking for a possible instant win.

Online casino betting

Back in the 1970s and 1980s the glitz and glamour of casino betting was almost unrivalled. Casinos around the world were drawing in gamblers by the thousands and the industry could seemingly do no wrong. The problem is that as the 1990s rolled around players wanted something new and member numbers began to dip. In the late 1990s a new innovation would change the face of the industry and online casino gambling would be introduced. Players across the world could now play their favourite casino games from the comfort of their own home, and it wasn’t soon after that the old casino comps system was updated for the digital age. Casino bonuses are now extremely commonplace – just have a look at sites like and you will find bonuses at a large amount of online casinos – and allow players to gamble and win for free should they meet certain usage conditions. The bonuses offered tend to be fairly big, up to £300 in some instances, but they aren’t perfect. Casino bonuses come with various conditions that restrict how they are used, while as always when you bet at a casino it is your movements and decisions that will help dictate how far your bet goes.

There are also more variations of bonuses in the online casino world than there are in sports betting. Whereas sports betting typically only has the classic deposit bonus, you can have a more varied set of promotions available in online casinos. One of the most common promotions in online caisnos are free spins, which means you can get a set of free bets to use on a specific slot machine when you make a deposit. Some casinos even offer free spins as a totally free bonus when you register. You can find a large selection of free spins no deposit uk at, where the casinos will give you these spins just for registering an account, which pretty much means you get a completely risk free chance of winning real money!

Plenty of options

The world of betting in general has changed, as these days’ options are something that you will never be short of. Sports’ betting allows you to add an increased level of excitement to any sporting event, while casino betting brings you all the glamour of the casino. For my money both bonuses have pros and cons, if you like to take a backseat when it comes to gambling then a sportsbook bonus is for you, but if you like to take a more direct approach keep an eye out for a casino bonus instead.

Maltese Government looking to clean up online gambling sector

Malta has for a long time been home of some of the world’s leading online casino brands, but a corruption investigation into money laundering has threated to bring it all crashing down. In the wake of the Malta Gambling Authority (MGA) has spoken up to say that they wish to reform the industry on a whole later this year.

What has made Malta so appealing to online casino developers and operators is the fact that the nation is rather relaxed when it comes to legislation. The problem is that this has gone to create more problems than it has solutions over time. That is until now, as the MGA is looking to clean up the nation’s image and modernise gambling laws. According to Jose Herrera (Maltese Parliamentary Secretary for Competitive and Economic Growth) the gambling laws in the country will be brought before parliament this November. This announcement comes hot on the heels of a prior report from the MGA that said that it has been trying to push through reforms for over two years.

In many ways it is the famous hands off approach from Malta that has led to the issues and the need for reform. The country’s low tax approach has allowed many operators to start operations without any real background checks taking place. This move may increase the level of variety with regards to what’s available, but it hasn’t proved to be in the interest of players. Problems first started when the MGA was accused of not doing enough to protect players in the aftermath of the Everleaf Network scandal, as players were not aided in trying to get back money owed, while the process of closing Everlead Network down were considered slow at best. The newest corruption allegations have thrown fuel on the fire, as Italian police have raided several Malata based online casinos and found that they are Mafia run. Known as ‘Ndrangheta’, the operation has thrown a spotlight over the sector and has subsequently raised serious questions.

Scandal after scandal has seemingly left the online casino sector in Malta and the MGA rocked, so much so that action now must be taken. The new regulations will by all accounts increase the level of player protection, while making sure that all online casino operators in the region operate within the law. An MGA spokesperson said, “In light of recent events, we [MGA] have decided to strengthen and extended our overall governing approach when it comes to the online casino sector in Malta. By introducing new security technologies and increased vetting, we feel that we can get the situation back under control”.

Players are now recommended to pick casinos via well respected gaming guides, like, in order to ensure that the casino they play at is safe and secure.

As far as corruption goes it seems that Malta is a country that has been treading a fine line for sometime. Players from around the world, while undoubtedly concerned with what has triggered such, will be happy to see that change is going to be implemented. However, one must ask if the arrival of reforms has come too late in the day to save the reputation of Malta’s online casino industry.

Why Play at Casino Saga?

There comes a time when you want something different from the world of online gaming – Casino Saga is just that. It’s not just a casino; it’s a community for likeminded gamers wishing to indulge in the latest casino experiences.

Upon registering at the site, you be asked to pick an avatar. Once in character, you’ll then travel to Treasure Mountain – all in the hope of bringing back the prized golden crown, which was stolen from its rightful owners long ago!

However, it’s not all plain sailing and you’ll be asked to fight a number of evil bosses along the way. You may also stumble upon the dragon – just another of the obstacles you’ll have to tackle whilst taking part in this particular game.

Nonetheless, in order to ensure the happiness of Saga Island’s inhabitants, you must bring the golden crown back to them safely. Doing so will mean getting your hands on the jackpot!

Asides from the game of Casino Saga, you’ll also find a number of other must-try games at this online gaming destination, including the likes of popular pastimes such as blackjack, slots, roulette, video poker and various other casino games. Each of these games are powered by a top providers, including big names such as BetSoft and Net Entertainment – both are legendary for their incredible graphics and safe gaming venues. If you’d like to read more about new casinos offering games from these providers, visit – a fountain of knowledge when it comes to learning a little more about this particular gaming platform, as well as a variety of others.

Now you know more about the game, you probably want to know a little more about those behind its creation. The individuals behind Casino Saga are a team of gaming specialists with the end goal of offering gaming fanatics an innovative and inventive gaming experience.

Asides from guaranteeing an action-packed journey, this small but powerful team have created an online gaming adventure that can be shared by fellow gaming fanatics through social media. Whether you choose to use this to showcase scores or swap tips, this particular community makes the gaming experience that little more personal and real.

More social features are expected to be added in the very near future, all of which are set to enhance existing game play. If you think you can improve what Casino Saga have to offer, simply let them know – the brains behind this venture are always on the look out for new ideas and features to guarantee the best experience possible! This is one of the reasons Casino Saga is able to stay at the forefront of online gaming today – as they continue to strive to offer players something new, exciting and fresh – and an exceptional gaming experience on a whole. Players no longer want run of the mill online games, they want graphic filled, brightly coloured, action packed games that guarantee to keep them entertained for hours on end!

Casino Saga is an exciting and safe gaming platform and the must-try virtual journey of a lifetime. Why not log on today and see if you can be the one to return the golden crown! Alternatively, play any one of the other games available at this site. If you’re unfamiliar with game play, simply try your hand a few free games first – this way you’re not wagering your own money. Once you feel confident in game play, only then should you think about placing a real cash wager online.